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In this post will be the renders of the environments, assets and props that have been created for The Little Helper.

General shots of the toy workshop.

Closer shots of the props and assets within the toy shop.

References for dynamic webs attached to props.

More of the above.

The Jack-in-the-Box Model pre-textures.


Character Model Work

This post details some of the model shots of the characters, Frankie and Sally, from the project. Nigel created Frankie, and Sally the spider was modelled by the project leader Jenny and Lucy, the second animator.

Full Body Models

Face Models

The mesh break down of Sally’s head.

Final face model.

Renders with the updated mouth.

These are the designs and rendered shots of the Frankie model.

Design References

Face Designs.

Costume Designs.

Misc Renders

Full Renders with coat and with pinney

Renders in Coat.

Apron test with nCloth.

Face Renders


These are the deadlines thus far for the pieces of work required to truly get underway with The Little Helper. They may seem steep and hard pressed, but they need to be to fit everything in. By the nature of them, these deadlines are negotiable in the worse case scenarios, but should be treated as concrete unless such an issue should arise.


Olly Cuckoo Clock – 10th Feb

Nigel Frankie Unwrap – 10th Feb

Dan Sally Rig – 13th Feb

Kai Section 1 Dynamics – 7th Feb

Matt Base Melody – 9th Feb


Below is the link to the final edit of the script for The Little Helper. It provides a literary iteration of how the each shot and in turn each scene will play out.

Final Script

Below is the link to the production bible for the project. It contains all the supplimentary work necessary to get the production underway and keeps the creative scope for what we aim to achieve with the finished product.

Production Bible

Jenny Stewart – Director, Modeller, Lead Animator

Mobile Number: 07767853874

Email Address:

Laurence Nairne – Producer

Mobile Number: 07578781774

Email Address:

Nigel Kitts – Modelling

Mobile Number: 07936728414

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MSN Messenger:

Lucy Wheeler – Modeller,  Animator

Mobile Number: 07856697516

Email Address:

Harriet Teagle – 3D Texture Artist

Mobile Number: 07540648494

Email Address:

Ollie Wilson – Texture Application, Modeller

Mobile Number: 07800956104

Email Address:

Pete Stache – Lighting, Compositing, Rendering

Mobile Number: 07774597026

Email Address:

Brian Williams – Foley Artist

Mobile Number: 07530716246

Home Tel. Number: 01326313908

Email Address:

Daniel Emmerson – Rigger

Mobile Number: 07910402426

Email Address:

Scott Cormier – Rigger

Mobile Number: 07834592342

Email Address:

Kai Fraser – Dynamics Animator

Mobile Number: 07506135726

Email Address:

Alan Matthewman – Dynamics Animator

Mobile Number: 07512992915

Email Address:

Matt Wakefield – Music Composition

Mobile Number: 07580900122

Email Address:

Summary of the Story

This is a short story about a little spider called Sally, who lives within the walls of Frankie’s Toyshop. On a very windy and snowy evening Frankie returns home with a load of supplies to enable him to complete an important order. As he settles down to lovingly place each of his hand crafted wooden toys into a box and carefully surround them with packaging material, a large gust of wind blows the front door open, snow whirling in and papers flying all over the shop. Frankie hastily forces the door shut and turns the key in the lock. He returns to packing while the wind whistles in through the gaps and the door rattles in its frame.

Unbeknown to Frankie the rattling of the door gradually edges the key out of its hole until it falls and disappears between a gap in the floorboards.

Sally is sat upon her web watching Frankie with interest, before scurrying away to investigate an array of display units and the dark and dusty areas under the floorboards, scurrying past many objects throughout her exploration.

She exits onto the work bench and through the will of shock, finds herself stuck in glue after being caught off guard by a misfired Jack-in-the-Box. Whilst frustration and panic ensue, the door to the workshop opens, casting a light upon her struggles. Frankie rushes in with a toy box, with the intention of finding toys to fill it, but is distracted as he catches Sally at a sideways glance in her predicament. Forgetting his objective, he compassionately frees her from her entrapment and places her back in her web.

Remembering his task, Frankie nervously consults his watch and hurries off, sealing up the toy boxes and taking them to the door.  Once there he reaches for the handle, intending to place his toys in the delivery van waiting beyond the threshold, only to remember that he locked the door, and to find no key where he left it.

Sally watches on with intrigue as he rummages around frantically hunting for the key. Struck by the memory of such a key during her wanders beneath the flooring, Sally retraces her steps to find it.

On discovering her quarry, she finds that she is unable to return the key to it’s owner due to her size. Faced with this new challenge, she puzzles it over.

After the disappointment of his unsuccessful key hunt, Frankie falls asleep at his desk to leave behind a busy and stressful day. After watching for some time, Sally scurries off to spin a new web.

With the dawn of a new day, Frankie wakes to find he is surrounded by a great many webs. In his bewilderment he notices Sally sat on a dusty shelf smiling and waving at him. With his attention, she sets about unveiling the genius of her work.

During the night Sally had been very busy setting up an intricate system enabling her to get the key to Frankie using all of the features of the toy shop at her disposal. She pushes off a small ball, which knocks over some toys, making a rocking horse rock, in turn setting a train off, which is attached to a pulley that lifts the key up through the gap in the floorboards until it dangles in front of Frankie and where Sally sits impressed with her achievement.

The message from this film – ‘no matter how small you are, if you believe in something strong enough and are willing to work for it, anything is possible.’